Do It Yourself Spa Day

Recently, it has been feeling like all of my responsibilities have been coming at me all at once. It was like I was taking a calming stroll through the park enjoying the sun, and then I walked into a swarm of gnats. My responsibilities are of course the gnats and I’m the girl standing with her mouth open trying to flag them off.

This past weekend, as a way to flee from the swarm of my pressures and get back in the rhythm of my walk, I decided to have an in home spa day. For all of you who are on a tight budget, but want to treat yourself, please take notes.

First things first, I decided to do this spa day on a whim and some of the things I needed I didn’t have. Amazon was a life saver because my prime membership allowed me to get same day shipping for all of my necessities. I wanted to do a variety of things to relax and truly make my in home spa day feel special, so I did a facial mask, foot soak, foot massage, polished my toe nails, and I read a few chapters of a good book.

As a part of my spa day, I not only wanted to relax my body, but I wanted to relax my mind. I’m always telling myself to read more, but I never carve out time for my mind to just get lost in a good book. There seems to always be work, errands, chores or other excuses that get in the way, but this weekend I finally had to put those excuses to bed. The book I chose to read was Tiny Beautiful Things by Cheryl Strayed. It was on a Goodreads list of top self-care books and it’s a national bestseller so I was interested to explore the hype (I’ll let you all know what I think of the book when I finish it entirely).

All the other components within my spa day were to make me feel relaxed, beautiful, and cleansed. My feet were probably the most neglected part of my body which is terrible because they literally carry the weight of my world. I did a foot soak in warm water and Epsom salt and my entire body felt relaxed afterwards. I then polished my toes because embarrassingly, my feet had been looking a bit rough and crusty so some TLC was a must.

I’ve learned that you have to care about yourself enough to be the best version of who you are inside and out. You have to take time out to show your body love and to make your body feel nurtured and appreciated not because the world tells you that you have to, but because living life should mean that you care about your own personal upkeep. Your body is the vessel that houses your spirit and keeps you moving. Think of your body as a vehicle; you have to tune it up so you can make a smooth trip through life.

My favorite part about the spa day was that I did everything myself in my own home for super cheap. Going to the actual spa would’ve created a hefty bill ($80-$150), but all of the things I did totaled to less than $30. Plus, if I was to do this again, the spa day would be even cheaper because many of the items I purchased will last a good while. Here is my shopping list with all the prices and where I bought everything from.

  • Foot basin- $5.75 on Amazon
  • Epsom salt with ginger and clay- $4.49 on Amazon
  • New Book, Tiny Beautiful Things- $6.75 on Amazon
  • Bag of cotton balls- $1
  • Nail Polish remover- $1
  • New nail polish- $2
  • Turmeric- $5.99 (already had but you can get at a local grocery store)
  • Baking Soda- $0.47 (already had but you can get at a local grocery store)
  • Honey- $3.99 (already had but you can get at a local grocery store)
  • Shea butter- $7.99 (already had but you can buy online, at Wholefoods, or at a hair store)

Spending only $20.99 for my whole pampering session (excluding the items I already had) was extremely worth it when thinking about what I would’ve had to pay someone else to loosen me up.  I recommend that everyone try an in home spa day. Craft the day to your liking, do the things you love and relax. Your body will be grateful for it.

Below is a selfie video showing you the wonderful turmeric facial mask I created. Hopefully you can try it too! Let me know what you think.

One thought on “Do It Yourself Spa Day

  1. I’m definitely gonna no to try a turmeric mask! Someone else was recently telling me about turmeric for the skin. I already have it in a tea several times a day. A miracle spice!

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