Accidents Happen

Yesterday was one of those days…

At 12:00 pm I got a text from my boyfriend that said he was in a car accident. My heart went still for a moment as I thought about his safety, but when I saw all of his exclamation points and curse words I knew he was okay. Immediately my mind switched from scared to stressed. I wanted to know how bad the damage was and how much money it was going to cost us to get it fixed. As someone who is living life after college, freshly catapulted into the adult world,  every penny is one more penny towards a sandwich.

Luckily, the accident wasn’t his fault and although the entire bumper was ripped off of our car, our beat up Honda was able to make it home. Still, I was so tempted to complain and let the money worries sink in. Our life has been bills on top of bills for the last few months and our car has been the catalyst for a majority of our headaches. We’ve gotten three flat tires, replaced head lights, had to get new brakes and brake pads, a piece from under our car fell off when we hit a speed bump (but we just let that one roll) and the list goes on-and-on. But I fought the temptation and instead something in me said, “God, I know. This is just a little hiccup, but at least I have water in my cup.” I decided to be thankful instead because honestly, so many other things in my life have been going right.

Besides the car accident and a crazy man cursing me out and threatening me as I walked my dog, this week has been full of ups. The day before, I received an acceptance letter to the grad school of my choice, on Monday evening I had an amazingly successful fundraising dinner in which my CEO personally gave me kudos for a job well done, and I’ve just been in a good mood. Not to mention, after my boyfriend got into the accident, he drove our raggedy car to his office and found out that his first commission check for apartment locating was waiting for him.

What I’m trying to say is, bad things happen, but they’re not the only things that happen.  Even if you can only count your blessings on one hand, they are still worth counting. 

Today, I am thankful that my boyfriend wasn’t hurt in the accident, I am thankful that I’ll be starting grad school in July, and I am thankful that this week I was strong enough to choose gratitude over stress. What are you thankful for?

Comment on this post with why you are thankful! #ThankfulThursday

The weight of the world may seem heavy, but that’s why God gave our muscles the ability to grow.–Cambriae

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