Your Birth Right

Sadness be gone, let’s be people who deserve to be loved, who are worthy, cause we are worthy. –Annie, Happy Thank You More Please

Years ago, I saw this movie called “Happy Thank You More Please” by Josh Radnor and in a way it changed my life. It may have been that I was feeling low at the time, a servant to pessimism, full of things to cry about, whatever it was, when I watched this movie I paid attention. The crazy thing is that I don’t know anyone who has seen this movie. I don’t think it won any great awards, critics gave it a 40% on Rotten Tomatoes (viewers gave it a 60%), to most people this movie was nothing special. But to me this movie was a moment of meditation. I watched it and got this feeling that life would be okay, I was deserving of goodness, and the universe appreciated me for exactly who I was.

This isn’t a movie review. In fact, I saw the movie so long ago that if I watched it again I’m not sure if I would even still like it. This is just me saying that some of the moments in this movie gave me the feeling you get when you’re looking everywhere for your keys and then you realize they’ve been in your pocket all along. 

In the movie I remember one of the characters saying,“Bliss is your birth right”. Do you believe that? If you don’t, you should. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to just let yourself be happy, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve to be. No matter how many mistakes I make in life, no matter how long I spend trying to “find myself”, and no matter how many times I convince myself that I’m not good enough, at the end of the day I am glad to be alive and I am worthy of happiness. 

I think my favorite part of the movie, the part that changed me the most, is when the character Annie explains how the key to life is gratitude and that we all should start saying thank you all the time. And after we say thank you, we should say “more please” because with gratitude the universe is full and infinitely abundant.

Since watching this movie, I consistently remind myself to carry gratefulness in my heart and thank you on my tongue. I say thank you while cooking breakfast, when I look in the mirror, and when I look over at my boyfriend and my dog. I grab hold of happiness in the little things instead of letting all the bad things grab hold of me. I could complain about what I don’t have or the trauma that sleeps in my sub-conscience, but I’d rather concern myself with being grateful for all the sun that finds its way through my window. I think everyone should learn how to say thank you, because I think it’s the key to everything that we’re all searching for. 

I don’t think Happy Thank You More Please was trying to be an Academy award winner or a Golden Globe nominee (or maybe it was…) mostly I think it was trying to lift the spirits of everyone who watched it and make them feel like there is more to the lives we live than the holes we get ourselves stuck in.

So today, just try thinking of one thing to say thank you about and I guarantee whatever has been causing you stress or pain won’t make you feel as low. Say it with me,  “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. More please!”

Everything is a choice, happiness is no different.

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